Beat the Summer Heat With a New Air Conditioner You Can Trust


With the summer in full swing, our area is facing record high temperatures that put air conditioners to the test. At Advanced Comfort Solutions, we know how important your air conditioner is to your family’s comfort and health.

You want it to work reliably, efficiently, and affordably. However, can you really trust that your aging system will get you through the season without fail? We know the old saying: when things go wrong, they go wrong at the worst possible time. Rather than get stuck with a hot home, you should consider a plan to replace the central air conditioner with a newer and more efficient model.

We know that a new central air conditioner represents a significant investment for your family, but here are some reasons why now is a good time to do so:

  • Efficiency—A new unit will help lower your utility bills, and you may even be eligible for money-saving tax credits. Our team will help you understand all of the possible credits and how your new unit will perform in contrast to your old system.
  • Home value—If you plan to sell your home in the near future, your new air conditioner will help add value to your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. If they feel confident that the system is newer, under warranty, and unlikely to cost them in repair bills for a while, they will be more likely to select your property over the competition
  • Peace of mind—If you are worried your aging system is on its last legs, you can feel confident that your family won’t get stuck with a broken air conditioner at the worst possible time.

If you are ready to learn more about your options, or want to explore the costs of central air conditioner installation, contact Advanced Comfort Solutions at 855-238-2663 and let us help you make the right decisions for your home and your family.