Advanced Comfort Solutions, Inc. Helps Connect Customers to Programs That Help Them Maintain or Upgrade Their HVACs

Do you need to service your existing HVAC, or want to replace your heating and air conditioning unit with a more efficient model but donít know where to start? Let us help!

 At Advanced Comfort Solutions,  we see first-hand how the wrong equipment can affect familiesí utility bills, as well as their health, wellness, and safety.  If you have less efficient equipment, then you know how expensive it can be just to simply turn on your air conditioning unit. Additionally, running equipment that has not been serviced properly can be bad for your familyís health. Unserviced air conditioning units contribute to poor indoor air quality, and circulate particles like pollen, dander, mold, and spores that can contribute to health problems.

Furthermore, regular maintenance on your HVAC equipment helps promote safe, effective operations. When you have your unit serviced by qualified professionals, they check for gas leaks, wiring issues, and identify any other problems that would prohibit safe operation.

The Advanced Comfort Solutions team believes that everyone deserve a safe, efficient heating and air conditioning system.

Thatís why, in addition to our superior products and services, we offer programs to help homeowners gain the ability to upgrade their old  HVAC equipment. First, we have the SDG&EⓇ Air Quality Care Program which allows qualified SDG&E customers to claim rebates on our Quality Maintenance services.


We also offer HERO™ financing, which is an essential resource for many families in need of upgrading to a safer, efficient HVAC system. The HERO program partners with the local government to offer a more affordable financing option, ensuring that these improvements are truly within your financial reach.

Call us today at 949-335-1050 or toll-free at 855-238-2663 FREE and see what program is going to be best for you! Let Advanced Comfort Solutions help ensure your HVAC system will serve your family safely and affordably.